Manufactured by Microsoft, the Xbox One is the third console in the Xbox line of gaming consoles. The Xbox One was officially announced in May 2013 and launched in major Western markets on November the 22nd.The Xbox One is designed as a central hub for living room entertainment and supports integrated TV, Internet, Gaming and Movies. Our focus here is a small part of that; Xbox One Skins and related accessories.

Not that Microsoft’s creative designers haven’t paid due attention to the face of the Xbox One, but it doesn’t hurt to be somewhat creative yourself, at least in shopping for skins for the device.

Although you’d wouldn’t even have gone through half the catalog of the must-play games for Xbox One before Microsoft launches the next big thing, there might be a case when you begin to grow somewhat bored of the same sight everyday in terms of the looks of the console and controllers. Xbox One skins come to the rescue, and promise fascinating facelifts for the Xbox One.

Top Ten Best Selling Xbox One Skins

The Xbox One Skins listed below are the top 10 selling skins on Amazon. All sales rankings are updated in real-time. Products ship straight to your door, depending on where you live.

Community Favorite Xbox One Skins:

Here are the skins already winning hearts in the Xbox community. You can find and share the latest Xbox One Skin releases in our forum and maybe just see your suggestion listed here.

Glossy Red Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Cover by MightySkins

Glossy Red Xbox One SkinYou really don’t want the pride you develop on the first day of seeing the ultra-shiny and super glossy skin fading away with the sheen of the skin, do you? It’s important that you trust manufacturers of repute, who know their job, and also the fascination that Xbox gamers have with their gaming consoles.

The Glossy Red console kit for Xbox One is made from top quality materials to ensure that the glossy finish remains for a long time. The graphics printed on the skin, mostly solid reds and blacks in this case, are so pleasing to the eyes that you’d be absolutely charmed. Enjoy the simple yet stylish outlook of the Glossy Red skin kit.

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Blue Flames Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Cover by MightySkins

Blue Flames Xbox One SkinThe elements of ‘’hot’ and ‘cold’ gel together the best in the blue flames concept. This skin kit translates the concept on to the console, and makes it look like a futuristic device more suited to a sci-fi movie’s sets. MightySkins’ unique manufacturing methodologies and technologies go into every skin produced, and this ensures that the attractiveness of the skin kit remains intact over years.

Issues like scratching, peeling from corners, and fading of the color of the skin are addressed completely, courtesy the glossy lamination atop the skin. In fact, this laminate not only provides a protective coating to the ultra rich graphic printed skin, but also brings in another layer of sheen to it.

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Evil Reaper Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Cover by MightySkins

Evil Reaper Xbox One SkinHere’s another 2 piece skin kit that fits the console accurately, and lends it a completely new look. Apart from protecting the console against any stained patches and scratches, this skin also lends it an intimidating look, courtesy the fiery eyes of the evil face printed in high resolution on the vinyl.

Removing the skin is as easy as applying it, and there are no irritating air bubbles interfering the process of applying the skin on the console. There aren’t any sticky remains when you remove the skin to replace it with a new one.

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Bright Smoke Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Controller Skin by MightySkins

Bright Smoke Xbox One Controller SkinIt’s MightySkins again, and this time, it’s a more colorful and expressive design, in the form of the multi-colored smoky face of this controller skin kit. With the patented air release vinyl ensuring absolutely smooth and accurate application of the skin, you will begin to absolutely forget the original bland face of the controllers.

Moreover, you will never face any sticky messes when you want to remove the skin to replace it with a new one, or enjoy the original sights of the controllers. The graphic printing is top notch, and you’ll hardly be able to make out whether the controllers are even adorning any skin at all. Moreover, the glossy finish will keep on impressing you for years at a stretch.

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Aluminum Foil – Decal Style Controller Skin by WraptorSkinz

Aluminum Foil Xbox One Controller SkinAre you ready for a new face for your Xbox One controllers? How about the crumpled aluminum foil look? That’s what the Aluminum Foil decal style skin from WraptorSkins offers you. Its glossy laminate performs the dual functions of protecting the skin from any scratches and fading, and providing a fantastic sheen to the skin.

Air bubbles are just not possible, courtesy the special and advanced manufacturing materials used in these products. These US manufactured skins actually make you forget the real face of the Xbox controllers, such accurate is the fit and such brilliant is the quality of graphical printing.

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