If Sony’s announcements of massive pre-booking response closing out on further PS4 deliveries for the first day left you desperate and disheartened, then you might find it worthwhile to make note of some of the best PS4 console deals being promoted by retailers.

If you can make your mind about one from these, you can easily enjoy PS4 gaming at the earliest possible hour, even if that’s later than the launch date. Some retailers are also offering decent discounts for current pre-orders.



Deals from Gamestop

GameStop PS4Apart from the lowest price of the console, which is £20 less than the retail price, this retailer is also offering free Express Shipping for your pre-orders. However, the whopping number of queued orders has forced it to put on a disclaimer about pre-orders following August 4 not being guaranteed to be served on the PS4 launch date. 

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Deals from Zavvi

Zavvi PS4If you don’t wish to commit your full amount for a pre-booking that’s almost certainly not going to be honored on Day One of the PS4’s retail existence, then Zavvi is the right choice for you. On similar lines, Game is another retailer just asking for a deposit of £20 for pre-orders ahead of launch, although it is yet to disclose the price it’ll sell the PS4 at.

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Deals from Toys R Us

Toys R Us PS4After closing out on pre-orders of the PS4 at £339.99, which is slightly less than the retail price for the console, Toys R Us sprung up hope by letting PS4 enthusiasts register for being informed upon availability of a console.

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